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"A guaranteed guilty pleasure. A must read!" 
-The Advocate  (Full review) 

The Author

Jeri Estes is a novelist, screenwriter, and life-saving mentor. Everyday Jeri contributes to the lives of others in the hope of making humanity a better race. Her debut novel, Stilettos and Steel, is based on the true story that is Jeri's teenage life as a gay runaway.

More about Jeri

The Book

Stilettos and Steel is based on the first-hand account of a crime-ridden life in San Francisco's notorious red light district: The Tenderloin. This book sheds light on the historical truth of this late 1960s underworld where female pimps, gangsters, and corrupt cops coexisted to survive the unjust laws and murderous streets of the TL. Read more.

A brilliant breakthrough novel. Gripping, gritty and one hundred percent original.

Burl Barer, Edgar Award Winner and NYT Bestselling Author


...wildly compelling characters and great plot turns. This has terrific movie potential.

Bayard Storey, Studio Analyst at Columbia Pictures

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