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Based on a true story in San Francisco, 1969.


The front lines of The Cultural Revolution have overrun the city. Golden Gate Park is littered with half-nude flower children burning draft cards in a psychedelic haze. Hendrix and Joplin serenade the tourists of North Beach under the flashing neon tits of Carol Doda. Across town and underground the Tenderloin District is alive with hookers, pimps, and sultry femme fatales.


Jessica Rawlson, a middle class young lady, flees suburbia fearing exposure of her sexual perversions. Fate leads Jessica to this infamous red light district where a gangster lesbian subculture thrives. The Tenderloin District is alive with sultry femme fatales, corrupt cops, hustlers and homos. Love, lust and murder share the sidewalks with queens in high heels and high hair, as suburban perverts cruise the “TL” on a safari of lust.

Jessica embarks on a riveting journey from street prostitute to mastermind of her own empire. Her walk on the wild side offers intoxicating freedom and power. Straddling moral boundaries, shuffling lovers, appeasing mob bosses and the heat, while keeping vicious territorial predators at bay, is the price to survive at the top.

Stilettos and Steel

Jeri discusses why she wrote Stilettos & Steel.
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